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‘Going Green’ is aterm used to describe actions take, to save the environment from conditions that are harmful, wasteful and counterproductive to the earth and mankind.

Most favoured option
REDUCE – lowering the amount of waste produced
REUSE – using materials repeatedly
RECYLCLE – using materials to make new products
RECOVERY – recovering energy from waste
LANDFILL – safe disposal of waste to landfill
Least favoured option

Basically, going green means adopting lifestyles as individuals, communities and nations, which are beneficial to the environment and sustainable for the earth. Going green is about preserving the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. It is about saving the environment from total degradation.

•    Going green encourages us to conserve natural resources and not consume in wasteful manners.
•    Food, energy, forests reserves, water supplies or other natural resources are precious and limited in supply.
•    We must cultivate the habit of consuming only what we need, and encourage those around us to do the same.
•    Going green leads to a healthy sustainable environment.
•    Let us maintain, keep and preserve the earth, by making little contributions and sacrifices towards nurturing it and preserving it.

Think green, take the following positive steps and actions:

•    Reduce waste production
•    Reuse items to reduce waste
•    Recycle when possible
•    Conserve resources
•    Conserve energy
•    Reduce pollution

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